Mobile Responsive Salon Website Design

Salon websites do not need not be complicated or expensive, but they do have to look great to represent your salon online. More importantly today your salon website needs to be mobile responsive to meet the growing number of smart phone and tablet users.

What does mobile responsive mean?
A mobile responsive salon website will work equally well on a large screen desk top PC as it does on a small smart phone screen or an iPad or tablet device.

The software in the website recognises what kind of device is accessing your website and it displays the salon website in the best format for that device. As an example if you view this website ( on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC you will notice that it looks equally good on all devices whilst displaying the content in completely different ways.

Social Media
We also build in social media sharing tools to our salon websites so that they integrate with your chosen social networks.

Owner Content Management
Once we’ve delivered your salon website with its initial content its really easy for you to add and edit all of your own content via the easy to use content management system.

As a starting point your new website will have all the information the visitor wants to see which includes:
* Your salon address, including a map of your location.
* Your opening hours
* Your Service menu and prices
* A gallery of your work if you want it
* A professional email address
* First year web hosting included in the price.

Salon Marketing
The marketing landscape is changing rapidly, consumers have already divorced the Yellow Pages in favour of Google and other traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers and magazines are struggling to hold pace with online communities and even they are moving their publications online.

You only need to watch a few TV ads to see the evidence as ads direct viewers to websites rather than telephone call centres. This cast-iron evidence is fair warning that salons need to be online with more than just a simple website.