Salon Marketing HUB

Simply having a nice website is not enough. Your Salon Website will need to be a interactive, dynamic “Online Marketing Platform” the HUB of your entire Salon Marketing Strategy which must be capable of:

  1. Winning new clients and
  2. Nurturing existing clients

And it will be capable of achieving the above on autopilot!

Salon Marketing Opportunity

Every facet of commerce, industry, banking and retail are NOW in the process of moving their products and services online and globally we are moving towards a paperless and cash-less society.

In only a few short years we will carry E-Readers instead of newspapers and all transaction will be electronic. If you think that this is science fiction, I can assure you that it is not and it will all happen sooner than you think.

Regardless of the above there are growing salon marketing opportunities right now for those salons that are prepared to embrace technology and use it to gain competitive advantage. You don’t need a huge budget to achieve this but you do need to have the right knowledge and IT assistance to set it all up.

State-of-the-Art Salon Marketing Platforms
The traditional “creative” Salon Website Design is now passé and all progressive salons need to consider upgrading or replacing their current website with an online marketing platform.

Outside the Academy Web Designers make Salon Website Design an Art-Form we have made it a science and we are breaking the mould by developing State-of the-Art Salon Marketing platforms designed to:

1. Get to the top of Google

State-of-the-Art Salon Marketing
2. Attract visitor attention
3. Maintain visitor Interest
4. Collect new prospect leads
5. Convert prospects in to clients
6. Be a marketing hub for the salon
7. Generate increased client loyalty
8. Help improve client retention
9. Make it incredible easy to sell online
10. Increase the life-time value of clients

We are completely unique in our approach to Salon Website Design and Salon Marketing. We are breaking new ground and we are leading the way. For sure our competitors will soon try to imitate our designs and techniques and some of them will do it well, but none of them have the Hairdressing, Beauty and Barber industry specialises that we at THE SALONS posses.