I am constantly asked very meaningful questions by Salon Owners and Salon Managers regarding Salon Business Development, Salon Human Resources and Salon Marketing.

My frustration is that the questions are often difficult and time consuming to answer during a telephone conversation or email, and further, the answer to these questions generally raise more questions. The questions I am asked are very repetitive, meaning that the majority of salon owners have the same issues based around business development, client retention, staff development, salon marketing and increasingly today online and social media marketing.

Boardroom for Salon Owners and Managers
Because salon owners lead very busy lives they seldom find the opportunity to continue to build on their own professional business development skills. This is frustrating for salon owners because they can lose touch with modern techniques and fall behind with productive business development which if left unchecked can have an adverse effect on the business.

As a Salon Business Coach and Mentor I am challenged because I can only be in one place at a time which limits the number of clients I can take on. Conversely when I hold seminars and training workshops delegates only get 1 day and more often than not need follow up or remedial training which adds to the cost.

So following a period of consultation with salon owners I have decided to introduce the Salon Owners Boardroom.